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DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now 720p Torrent > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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RIP HUNTER and the crew land on the mythical Island of ATLANTIS and meet and have an adventure with the character ARION LORD OF ATLANTIS his comic book ran from 1982 - 1985 and had 35 issues the character got his start in the comic book WARLORD issue 55 which is another character you should check out he would be a good story line for the TV show.
The producers introduce audiences to the characters and concepts of "Legends of Tomorrow", the upcoming spin-off of superhero series "Arrow" and "The Flash".
This show had promise - for the first 20 minutes of the first episode, but after that, the motto, &quot;Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here,&quot; kept running thru my mind and I could not turn it off. I stuck it out for 8 episodes, (&quot;Hope springs Eternal&quot;) but once again yet another CW show falls victim to excruciatingly poor writing. I&#39;d guess the writing is around the level of a 15 year old, except when they are fighting. Then it drops down to what I remember myself being at 12 and playing Cowboys and Indians. I liked it best when the Indians won, and in this show, well…<br/><br/>The show centers around time travel and the Time Masters, a group who watch over various time periods. So, this should be cool to have people travel thru time, yes? Shouldn&#39;t be too hard to make it interesting. No fear. It&#39;s not.<br/><br/>There is the customary genius (Victor Garber), the customary Angry Men, and two women, one of whom is an assassin, and the other can, thru a totem she wears, take on the powers of whatever animal she mentally envisions.<br/><br/>The story lines are decent, but one wonders if anyone took acting classes. Each person runs the entire gamut of emotion from A to B, as Dorothy Parker once said of a performance by Katharine Hepburn (look &#39;er. up if you&#39;re that young). That is to say, not much range. The travels thru time never include adapting the speech of the times, and oddly enough, the local people- no matter what century - seem to also speak in 20th century English. This lessens the ability to suspend disbelief. In fact, if you turn the volume off and just watch the expressions, you&#39;d be able to tell the plot just by their actions. I hope to, one day, actually watch a show on CW that doesn&#39;t remind me of watching and listening to a group of adolescents. But this is not that show.
OK here is the rub you have a guy who can only be killed a certain way and the world is on the brink of annihilation in the future, what do you do? Well you recruit the worst super heroes of all time that&#39;s what. For some reason these guys of mixed super hero ability can not seem just kill one guy and the series is drawn out with incompetent action sequences and terrible story lines. This whole show should have been over in like 3 episodes, but somehow they seem to use every time line to basically mess things up and make matters worse. <br/><br/>The effects are probably the best part of the show with some nifty CGI and sets. There really needs to be more bad characters as everything is focused on one guy and the heroes don&#39;t seem to be half bothered about getting the job done as they have so many issues themselves.<br/><br/>Overall the show is watchable just don&#39;t expect Flash or Arrow watchable.

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